Welcome to Windrush...home of unique Vermont handcrafted metal sculpture.


Custom Sculptures

   Custom pieces can be created to fully accomodate the desires of the client.

    The sculpture to the left (installed in Westchester Co., New York) was designed in collaboration with the client to blend with existing themes in her dining area. 


Copper Nature Sculptures: Small/Large, Table/Wall

    Large variety of copper nature pieces.

     All coloration is accomplished by flame-coloring  the copper. This process brings out the colors inherent in the copper itself (via oxidation). No paints are used.

    Wingspan of dragonfly (perched on a hand-hammered, copper mushroom) is about 8 inches. 


Whimsical Pieces

    Various whimsical pieces inspired by typical Vermont scenes (as well as abstract pieces inspired by excursions of the mind).


Contact Me

Better yet, see me in person!

If you would like to visit my studio to talk about, or collaborate on, a custom piece (or you would simply just like to see the studio) please call or email to arrange a suitable time. 

    Also, please feel free to contact me regarding ANY questions you may have.

**ALL work is done by ME**

Windrush Sculpture

1017 Cheesefactory Rd, Shelburne, Vermont 05482, United States

(802) 373-1704 / Windrush222@gmail.com


I have no set hours. Some days are long...some days are short. Have to leave enough time to visit family, walk the dog, hike, canoe, play my guitar...etc.